2020 BMW X3 XDrive30e Review: Is It Worth It?

In fact, it’s actually quicker from 0-60 mph than the base BMW X3. The new Toyota RAV4 PHEV for 2021, to give you an alternative example, can manage up to 42 miles on its EV range. Just as we don’t often think of hybrids as especially powerful, we don’t think of them as particularly sporty, either. We were very impressed with its speed, agility, and overall dynamism.

This one gave us a pleasant surprise. It’s great to see the big boys, and even the other luxury brands, embracing the new technology and creating high-end models for the more discerning green driver who just won’t ever drive a Prius. It’s a nice balance, but outside of this environment, and outside of California where gas, taxes, and all things automotive tend to be far cheaper anyway, it’s hard to picture anyone really having an active need for this car; maybe in New York City.

Nearly all automakers are now offering or promising a hybrid, plug-in hybrid (PHEV), or all-electric version to coincide with the increasing wave of electrification that’s Audi a8 2020 in nigeria taking hold around the world. A Fine Hybrid Addition To The BMW Range: When you build up speed, the engine kicks in to preserve the battery. Sports Hybrid: You save a ton of gas driving through the city, allowing the hybrid system to take over in those tricky times while the gas engine rests in wait. This is not the case. Well Kitted-Out With ADAS Features: Available packages include: The electric range is disappointing at only 17 miles.

2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e: Snapshot: You also likely believe that because it’s a hybrid, it’s going to be toned down in terms of athleticism or other performance factors. When you’re dealing with LA traffic, the BMW X3 PHEV model is a godsend. There’s so little body roll, and the chassis is rigid enough to absorb very bumpy pavement. Electrifying Performance: It reaches 60 mph in under 6 seconds, too! The transmission is rapid to shift and incredibly smooth; in sport mode, it’ll downshift smoothly as you brake, keeping the revs high all the way if you care to try out the sporty side of the X3e.

What you really get in the X3e is a car that can turn off the more gas-guzzling side to its SUV nature when you’re downtown, stuck in traffic, or otherwise draining gas away and getting nowhere. For a plug-in, you would expect it to offer more range. The electric range is a bit low (more below), but it’s enough for city commuting, running errands and will definitely save on your gas expenses each year.

It has some drawbacks, but the X3 xDrive30e is still a brilliant fun to drive car. If you’ve never driven a hybrid before, it’s odd to think of the car switching between gas and electric so seamlessly, but the X3 does it brilliantly.

2020 BMW X3 XDrive30e Review: Is It Worth It?


p>Hybrid and PHEV are all the rage in California and becoming increasingly popular across the market, too. It’s great because you expect the X3 to be sporty, but the "PHEV" moniker often carries connotations of reduced capacity in one form or another. It’s got enough power to be fun but not enough range to be truly practical compared to many of its competitors. Any Good Outside Of SoCal? Fans looking for an X3 that guzzles down less gasoline and does a lot of city driving should certainly give this one a go, though.

Visually, it’s a feast for the eyes with beautiful leather upholstery, flawless digital displays, including a 10.2" center infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and surround-view cameras. Options include adaptive cruise control, highway driving assistance, lane-keeping tech, stop and go, steering assist, and much more. BMW is no exception, and we had the pleasure to try out their X3 xDrive30e Plug-in Hybrid EV.

The X3 xDrive30e will get you, though. This 2020 X3 PHEV comes with a whole host of excellent optional driver assistance features.

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