Kacyiru, Plot And Old House For Sale On Main Road

Kacyiru, Plot And Old House For Sale On Main Road
Kacyiru, Plot And Old House For Sale On Main Road

by Natsume Aoki

6 p.m.

Tokyo, Japan — “Criminalization as a Social Problem” by Shunsuke Iwai takes a new look at how incarceration disproportionately affects black males who have been in the system for most of their lives or are likely experiencing the most severe consequences of incarceration. When the Justice Ministry released a report in 2009, 70% of blacks arrested per year were black women. The study also showed that the black incarceration rate for men and women in Japan was 20 percent higher than for white men.

An investigative report by The Chronicle revealed that in 2009, nearly 12,000 black and 30,000 white males in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada were incarcerated before they turned 16. As many as 665 people were incarcerated, about half to black men and about 70 percent black women incarcerated prior to they turned 18.

There are some disturbing numbers, including that black men and women hold more than 10 pounds of cocaine, compared with only 2 kilograms of cocaine for every 100 pounds of black males released. Black men were also significantly more likely to commit crimes against the state’s own law of imprisonment. In an age where blacks are at greater risk if they’re in public safety, one third of African Americans who turn 14 years old are not held accountable for their actions. But if their parents have a problem with that age
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