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And for those of us lucky enough to play competitive driver’s races in Korea, this weekend’s winners could not just be the winners. These are the drivers that have always been as competitive and as aggressive as possible in qualifying while maintaining their competitive profile from the start, and getting back on track after the finish line after getting back off the ground to make sure they had a quick start to the season. These drivers are known and respected in Korea and are the most exciting drivers of the season. This year’s drivers have won three races in a row and are expected for more later this year. Whether you like the K1 M or a K2 M, your pick for the Hyundai K2 M is more important than the car your choice.

Race Results Team Leaders

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hyundai entourage for three days in preparation for a trip to Pyongyang and then flew back (after driving the other two through the airport) back to Seoul.

The tour is a bit more grueling than I had anticipated – you can see how easily the tour was over because the security guards did not realize I was there yet and were not in attendance to watch the event.

But the idea of walking back, to attend a “nation-wide” party that was all about “economic sanctions” at the behest of North Korea is beyond the reach of most Koreans.

Khan is actually the only one of four Korean men in the “nation” that has actually visited the DPRK, the other two of whom (Kim Song-thaek, an independent researcher and a founder of a group called ‘South Korea’s Mission’ that does research on the country) do not participate in official activities.

Khan is the only Korean man in the “nation” that has actually spent a year working for the North Korean government, during which time his travel expenses totalled around $900. But if I had to guess, the cost of the trip would have to exceed about $1,500 for the three trips to DPRK.

On to ‘the country’s current situation.’

As a reminder, the state-run Korean Central News Agency quoted a foreign ministry official as saying the current situation there is serious.
“The country is deeply troubled, but