2010 mercedes-benz b-class

2010 mercedes-benz b-class
2010 mercedes-benz b-class
interior space, collection quality, keratinization, dynamics, body design
road clearance, quality of materials, service quality, price
quality of materials, quality of collection, gearbox, trunk volume, interior space, soundproofing, price, noise insulation
body design, dynamics, road clearance, service quality, galma, ceramic
Trips in the city
B180 CDI, 2-litre diesel.
Miraculous machine for the place and long trips, you don’t have diesel fuel, but sniff it, in the place of vitrata paliva in the region of 6.5 liters, and on the highway 4-5 at 110-km-year. The world is comfortable, spacious interior, large trunk. For the river of koristuvannya and the passage of 25-t.km, I never failed in the road. Z minus – lack of dynamics.
High fit and dimensions inside, comfortable suspension, ergonomics
Very LOW, expensive repair and maintenance of the box
Good evening! I will be brief. My wife has a V-shka (dealership), I often ride myself. Operated by FV Golf, MB 210 Restyle, MB211, Passat B7 .. Experience 22 years. So, V-shka is a very low car, you cling to everything with a bumper. In winter, if it snows and there is a rut on the road, then you row with the bottom and bumper, and pray that the ice block does not get caught … The front bumper is a consumable. Bottom protection is required.
Used this car on business for two weeks, about 1500 runs. The car was produced in 2005, with a mileage of 136,000 km. and as often happens, in the EU (although the instructions were in Russian) in some strange configuration, in particular, it had: a terribly easily soiled bright interior, leather-trimmed steering wheel and variator knobs, climate control (or some kind of air conditioning with a temperature support system), power windows in front, and at the same time, mechanical in the back (???!!!). From an engineering point of view, the car turned out to be a complete “jamb” and first I will write about its negative sides. I will write listskom.Negative points: -Low anti-corrosion resistance of the body. By the 10th year of operation, the cavities and joints of the panels began to rust intensively and violently (although the car was operated in a rather harsh climate). -Problems with body painting. For unknown reasons, paint streaks were visible on a number of panel edges, while there were no noticeable traces of past repairs. In some places, the varnish peeled off on the details, which was not very clear at all. – The car’s engine is compact and relatively reliable, but installing it on a car with an inclination to the ground at 30 degrees is a complete disgrace, for one simple reason that the candles are flooded with dirt from the road ( and not only candles but also part of the sensors). -The variator from “novya”, apparently, was not bad, but when the elements of the system began to wear out (externally expressed by a noticeable whistle of the variator during warm-up), it began to inaccurately transmit torque explicitly
Hello ! I own such a device, what can I say .. Normal Merc, of course, if compared with the E class, then Beshka IS ANOTHER CAR more utilitarian! Compared to the cars that I previously had, it’s certainly cool. And there were a lot, Opel 2pcs, Dodg, Kia Sid, Citroen, BMW, Vases Tyzy, Tavria, Kopeyka :)) and something else! Over the years, dashed off 90,000, one breakdown broke through the left front rack, well, that’s all. There are many pluses in this car, the brakes saved me more than once from all sorts of idiots, :)) There is a scratch on the rear fender to the metal, I don’t even paint, It doesn’t rust !! Everything suits the box, I’m not worried! The light is shitty, I put xenon There is a significant minus, low Big plus, interior, fit, build quality and finishes But the main minus was expensive for me to service :))) well, when I took the crisis was not: ) Of course, I may have been lucky, but I have no problems with this machine .. 2010 mercedes-benz b-class
Very comfortable driver and passenger seats, instant response to acceleration