Air Humidifier in Nairobi

Air Humidifier in Nairobi
Air Humidifier in Nairobi
Air Humidifier in Nairobi. Photo by: Lili Burdini / Getty Images

More than 2 million people have been affected by an increase in Ebola virus infections in the three countries, a World Health Organization official said Sunday, as fears of a resurgence of the disease remain high.

The WHO has sent more than 2 million volunteers to the country to assist with the relief efforts.

The latest death toll comes two weeks after the United States and Britain signed a deal to keep four people without Ebola out of the country, according to one hospital source.

Some 490 Ebola victims have been diagnosed as of Sunday afternoon, the WHO said.

The United States also has stepped up its “reduce” response, making an announcement Sunday of the two-week long Red Cross team that has been deployed to the country.

“The United States is also conducting an intensive health exercise this afternoon to provide continued support to the affected people and the people of the nation and their families,” the United States said in a statement Sunday.
One European hospital has also closed its doors, with two remaining in the wake of the Ebola outbreak. Those places are both near the city of St. Louis in southeastern Madagascar and a suburb north of St. Louis-Baltimore, and close to the Ebola Patient Center in Chile, Sierra Leone.

On Friday, four of the nation’s seven Ebola-resistant public hospital workers were killed in an attack in Guinea